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Our public organization "East European Law Research Center" (EELRC) is a voluntary society, that brings together people who are interested in legal research, limited by specific territory – these are the countries, which were a part of various autocratic unions and consequently gained a great influence in the legal and cultural life of their society. The EELRC established for the purpose of the implementation and protection of human rights, the satisfaction of social, in particular scientific, cultural, educational and other interests of their members and/or other persons.

We are open to cooperation for further development of fairness and justice in East Europe and in Ukraine as well!

Here is our Statement against the war in Ukraine 


In the area of law, there is no room for compromise when we are talking about human rights and freedoms. We firmly represent the very idea of law and justice, equality and freedom. No one can break our faith in common human values, and we will stand for these values strongly!  

We would like to encourage the scholarly world to unify against the completely unjust attack on Ukraine and our world-wide values and to suspend any participation in international projects, bases, editions etc., for those who do not share these values and try to destroy the freedom and justice we all worked so hard to create during decades after the last world war.

Let’s be true and stand for that we believe! Stand with Ukraine!







  • We offer to join our team

    and to take part in all our activities for individuals and organizations which support our ideas, are engaged in the area of law and legal research and promote activities aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of EELRC. The priority of our collaboration is given to representatives of the countries, which were a part of various autocratic unions and consequently gained a great influence in the legal and cultural life of their society, including East European, South European and West Asian states. Membership in EELRC is voluntary and individual.

  • Admission to membership of EELRC

    is carried out on the basis of a written application addressed to the EELRC Head supported by two EELRC members` recommendations. The decision concerning the membership will be taken within a month from the date of relevant application submission. All EELRC members are equal in realizing their rights and responsibilities.

  • The rights of EELRC member include:


    • to elect and be elected to the governing bodies of EELRC, participate in all activities conducted by EELRC;
    • to take part in the work of permanent and temporary project established by the decision of the EELRC authorized bodies;
    • to leave EELRC freely on their own written statement.


  • Members of the Organization are obliged to:


    • comply with the provisions of the EELRC Statute;
    • contribute to the accomplishment of the tasks of EELRC;
    • participate in public events and projects organized by EELRC.


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Mar 17 2022

Membership for AJEE Support

Contribute to the academic publishing and spreading legal studies over topical legal issues that Eastern Europe and the world face today.

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Mar 01 2022

EELRC Statement Against War in Ukraine

EELRC Statement Against War in Ukraine

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Oct 03 2021

AJEE has become a COPE Member!

AJEE has become a COPE Member!

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