Towards Class Actions Studying in Europe: Cooperation with the Public and Private Justice Course and Conference

Class actions is one of the current topics in the academic`s world due to a few following reasons: our globalizing and digitalizing world is the area without borders for billions of customers and businesses. That means the new challenges for disputes resolution, when one party may consist of hundreds or thousands of persons, have appeared.

Discussing the main topic of the Fourteenth PPJ Course and Conference «Class Actions - The Holy Grail for (European) Civil Procedure?», the academics from the leading universities shared their experience and doubts concerning class actions implementation in Europe. In particular, prof. Uzelac highlighted the possible negative consequences of the civil procedure collectivization. Prof. Izarova, EELRC, KNU, supported this idea, noted about the efficiency of the existing ways of rights protection.

On behalf of the EELRC team we express our sincere gratitude for cooperation with the PPJ Course and Conference, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and University of Maastricht and hope for further joint achievements!