Law and Psychology Cooperation in the field on ADR development

The 2014 EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was a ground for DCFTA establishment. Therefore, we face with the growing number of social relations between various traders, public organizations and state institutions and individuals that objectively lead to the number of possible conflicts. This necessitates a truly effective implementation of the right to legal protection of citizens of Ukraine and the EU Member States, as well as raising the level of trust in the judicial systems between them. Comprehensive approximation to the EU acquis requires an appropriate separation of judicial and extrajudicial jurisdiction over dispute resolution, comprehensive support for the development of out-of-court dispute resolution. In such a situation, Ukraine needs adoption and adaptation of cases and the best practices.

Having this in regard, EELRC develops joint studying to support reforms in justice and other sectors, in particular, ADR development in Ukraine within DCFTA with EU with the participation of various players: the leading Ukrainian scholars in the field of ADR and Civil Justice in deep joining with leading Ukrainian HEO within interdisciplinary research (Law, Psychology and Sociology), with the support of the world-known scholars in the field of ADR and private justice from Europe.

The best experience of EU ADR with the attention for the national features and traditional approaches to the public and private justice give us a unique opportunity to contribute to rule of law and rights` protection.

Today EELRC have an honor to make an acquaintance with one of the best scholar in the field of Human Resource Management – Dr. Kilian Wawoe from Free University of Amsterdam  .

This event was organized within international cooperation of the Faculty of Psycology, Taras Shevchenko National niversity of Kyiv, Dr. Svitlana Paschenko  .

We are happy to join this course and to continue our project “ADR development: Ukraine on its way to European Union” together!