Sharing Best European Practices: Module Supported by EELRC

Ukraine is the part of Europe, since we became a member of Council of Europe and we have adopted the European Convention of right protection. Currently, Ukraine is moving step by step on the way towards a further deeper cooperation and integration in European community, in particular we are seeking the EU membership. 

Having this in regard, the great reforms in various sectors of judiciary and litigation reforms were provided. Nevertheless, there is a lot of work ahead and the main purpose of this module is to share the best European practices within the framework of cooperation between the leading European scholars and EELRC with the support of EU Pravo-Justice.

Prof. Van Rhee is one of the leading scientists in the fields of Civil Procedure and ADR, which is especially important for allowing us to find out more about the possibility of further National Civil Procedure of various states harmonization at the European level, what seemed incredible due to their differences. Now this is being implemented in the project ELI-Unidroit, about which the professor will tell you more as one of the working groups` leaders.

EELRC seeks a deep and comprehensive cooperation with the leading European academics, within the main projects of beneficiaries` network, created for the development of the effective and useful right protection and access to justice area in Ukraine.